• Other girls: Starbucks, iPhone, boy bands, Uggs and yoga pants, John Green, endless drama over boys
  • Me: impeccable waistcoat, Federalist Papers, loose constructionist, endless drama w/ Aaron Burr, I am Alexander Hamilton


This is one of those pictures I have saved where every time I stumble upon it, I need to take a minute to stop laughing.



Jennifer Lawrence accepting her award at the International Spirit Awards for Best Lead Actress

Indie films <3

I’m so sorry but this does make me lose respect for her. I understand you’re “freezing” working free overtime but you cannot angle the film industry in this way.  You’re making more on your 1 indie film than most people make in 3 years, doing physical labor, in all weather and conditions, and who receive no award or recognition. 

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I kinda don’t like that moffat made the statue of liberty a weeping angel. idk, I thought he was trying to be clever but like

that monument is really cool and important and awesome to us, and definitely not an angel. Like I didn’t find that frightening at all as it maybe was supposed to be because I love Lady Liberty she’s not scary

like I’m not offended I’m just kind of “eh, he doesn’t really get American culture” 

also how in the HELL did it walk through NYC without crushing everything. And there’s no excuse like “they’re angels they don’t walk” because you could hear the thud of it walking and it like shook the building they were in 

idk, I just think the episode could’ve been fine without the whole statue of liberty bit


Megan braids her hair in between looks for a vintage lingerie photo shoot.

she’s back! my favorite AA model 

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Prismacolor markers on paper 

  1. Camera: HP Scanjet djf4200

never not funny

never not funny


never not funny

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